Sewer drainage unblocking



For a sewage unblocking we use only professional equipment!

Every day people face sewer blockages in apartments, private homes, businesses, offices. This situation brings considerable discomfort. In this case, each one looking for a way to eliminate the clog in sewage as soon as possible. In addition, as a rule, there is a unpleasant smell in premises.

You can try to unblock the blockage yourself, using a metal wire or special chemicals for cleaning sewers. However, this does not guarantee that the problem will not arise again after some time. To more permanently remove the blockage in the sewers it requires to get rid of fat and sediments that accumulate in hard to reach areas of the sewer system.

DIY cleaning of sewer blockages is possible to the stage, while fat layers and other products will not clog the passage of the tube completely, but it is better to use the help of specialists in the plumbing. The following methods of unblocking exist:
– Manual/thermal method of sewer cleaning
A plunger, steel wire and other household improvised tools are used for sewer cleaning.
– Chemical method of sewer cleaning
Technology of chemical cleaning involves the use of reagents that remove a grease and lime scale deposits from the surface of pipes.
– Mechanical method of cleaning sewer pipes
Mechanical method of cleaning the blockages of sewer is used by specialists and resembles a manual method with a flexible metal cable. The difference is that for rotation of the cable a special device is used. With great rotation speed and power, the device may use a longer cable and special cable set with different attachments like brushes etc.
– Hydrodynamic method for cleaning a drainage
Hydrodynamic cleaning (flushing pipes with water under high pressure) is mostly used for washing the outer pipes.
Sewerage unblocking is complicated in many cases, so do not overestimate the complexity of the job. In particular, when using hot flushing and chemical methods, these should be treated even more carefully, if the house has plastic pipes, which are easy to damage. In this case, the involvement of an experienced plumber may cost much less than the subsequent expensive repairs. In addition, the problem may come from adjacent apartments, so the professional treatment for the removal of obstruction will not be superfluous.

Our expert plumbers perform surgical sewer cleaning, call out a plumber within Tallinn free of charge. Do not wait until the problem arises in full. If there is a suspicion that something has gone wrong - bad smell, slowly draining water etc. - make one free call, talk to our experts. As a rule, in the early stages clogged drain can be fixed cheaper and at a convenient time for the customer. In addition, we offer various discounts and promotions on a regular basis.

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