Emergency plumbing services

Emergency plumbing services in Tallinn

Often in homes, apartments, businesses you may experience an emergency situation: damaged plumbing devices, worn out water pipes, sewer blockages (often in the cold season), faulty heating systems.
These types of accidents are urgent and needs to be addressed in shortest possible time, as accidents often lead to property damage both to individuals and to businesses.
Our main task is to act as quickly as possible to fix the problem with minimum inconvenience to the customer. We listen to all the wishes of our customers. Plumber to the scene of the accident will quickly identify the cause of the problem and suggest how to treat it.
A huge number of innovations and materials in modern plumbing technology complicates DIY installation or replacement of devices. Therefore, calling a plumber is a good step. We'll be with you at the scheduled time, take into account the wishes, and provide adequate advice on the materials and equipment. We help with the selection, purchase and delivery of necessary materials and perform all work in contract terms.

Often emergency situations occur because of the following reasons:

  • elementary violation of the requirements of operation;
  • the lack of systematic maintenance;
  • hidden defects of previous unprofessional installations;
  • the use of substandard materials;
  • defective products from manufacturers;
  • tear and wear of systems installed.

On plumbing services rates completely depend on complexity of work, scope of work, as well as time required to access to the damaged object. Our pricing is flexible, we offer discounts and promo actions on a regular basis.

For the quick treatment of an accident, you need to provide the most objective information about the accident:
The visual characteristics of an emergency (water floods the room, no working sewerage);
The name of the sanitary device has created an emergency situation (bath, shower, sink, toilet);
The definition of utilities (water, heating, sewage).
A one can try to fix plumbing problems on their own. But usually lack the experience or the necessary tools will turn the "plumbing work" in to a disaster, totally unfit for future use, wasted materials, money and time.

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* sewage unblocking is excluded from 1 year warranty

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